Pooladkaf is one of Iran’s largest and best ski resorts. The complex is located in Fars province deep within Zagros mountain range and even though it is not as high as other resorts in Iran, Pooladkaf receives adequate snow (usually 2 meters of snow in February).

The complex is well equipped and there are several amenities that make Pooladkaf a very pleasant experience.
There are multiple means of transportation that take the skiers to higher parts 1 gondola lift and 3 chair lifts for long distance and high transportations.        

Snowmobiles and ATVs are available along with Segways, bikes, horses and pedal boats. All resort facilities are open to the public in non-skiing seasons as well.

Since the tracks are very well equipped and safe and secure, Pooladkaf is one of the very few resorts in middle east where you can go skiing 24 hours a day even during the night.



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