CODE 120

Iran-Turkey       tour code:120

 1229 € based on double occupancy

single supplement  300 € for all the tours

valid until the end of May 2019

Day 1: Spain-Mashhad

Arrival to Mashhad International Airport / Transfer and accommodation at               Tara 4-star hotel/

Serving breakfast at the hotel / Visiting Imam Reza Shrine / Nader Shah tomb and Museum / Visit traditional carpet market / Visit to the oldest museum in Iran containing stamps, ancient coins and astronomy equipment, weapons arsenal / In the afternoon, visiting handicrafts of Torqabeh / Serving Dinner in the traditional gardens / Return to hotel /

Day 2: Mashhad-Nishapur-Chubin-Mashhad Village

Serving breakfast at the hotel / Moving to 2000-year old city of Nishapur / Visiting tomb of Attar and Khayyam / The wooden village / Visiting Nishapur traditional market / Turquoise Workshop / Visit Shah Abbasi Caravanserai / Return to Mashhad / Serving Dinner at the hotel /

Day 3: Mashhad-Silk road

Serving breakfast at the hotel / visiting 700-year old Haroonia building / Ferdowsi museum and garden / visiting Radkan tower also known as Mil Radkan / visiting the tomb of Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, a famous Iranian scientist and astronomist / after dinner you will have a comfortable flight to Tehran /

Day 4: Tehran

Serving breakfast at the hotel / Visiting Golestan palace / National museum of Iran / museum of glass and ceramic / National jewelry museum (open from Saturday to Tuesday) / Visiting grand bazaar of Tehran / Tabiat bridge / Return to hotel /

Day 5: Tehran

Serving breakfast at the hotel / visiting Azadi tower and museum / Milad tower / Tajrish bazaar / national garden of Tehran / serving dinner in Darband traditional gardens / return to hotel

Day 6: Tehran-Istanbul

Serving breakfast at the hotel / visiting Sa’dabad palace / Grand bazaar of Tehran / carpet museum / flight to Istanbul / arrival to Istanbul / accommodation in hotel / serving dinner

Day 7: Istanbul

At 8:30 am after breakfast you will go to beautiful palace of Dolmabahce / beautiful Black Sea islands and Bosporus.

Returning from Büyükada island, serving sea food with music in one of the most famous restaurants of Istanbul in the beautiful area of Beşiktaş.

Day 8: Istanbul

Serving breakfast at the hotel / visiting one of the largest indoor bazaars of the world / visiting tomb of Ottoman royal family / Süleymaniye Mosque / serving Kebab at one of the most popular restaurants of the country / return to hotel /

Day 9: Madrid

End of the journey / flight to Madrid