Health tourism


Perhaps you’ve heard the word “health tourism” many times. But do you know in 21st century most people prefer to travel thousands of miles to receive high quality and economic medical services.

According to world tourism organization the definition of health tourism is: traveling in order to cure physical illness or surgery (cosmetic or medical) under the supervision of doctors in a clinic or hospital.

The history medical tourism goes back to ancient Greece when Greek pilgrims traveled from the eastern Mediterranean to a small area in the Saronic gulf called Epidauria This territory was the sanctuary of the healing god Asklepios. The sick fasted and prayed for days in order to get cured. Epidauria is the oldest origin of medical tourism in history. The history of health tourism is almost as old as medical science itself, people have been traveling around the world for thousands of years looking to cure their illness.

But what is the status of health tourism in the world today?

Due to vastness of this industry, it is almost impossible to estimate the exact number of medical tourists, but published statistics show that 7 million people travel thousands of miles to find health every year and this number is increasing rapidly.

Brazil, Costa Rica, Singapore, India, Panama and Taiwan are the most popular destinations for health tourists in the world.

But here’s the million dollar question: where is the place of Iran in this billion dollar industry?

Because of its suitable structure, skilled doctors, fully equipped hospitals and clinics and low prices of medical services comparing to other countries, Iran has become a popular destination for medical tourists.


And here’s Why you should seriously consider Iran as your destination:

Low price: perhaps Iran’s most important advantage in medical tourism is the low price of medical services comparing to other countries, specially European countries and united states of America. India is currently the leading country in low prices but with Iran in the market and considering the high potential and rich Iranian culture and most importantly the endless list of Iran’s tourist attractions it is only a matter of time before Iran becomes the most popular choice for medical tourists.

Hydrotherapy: the other important attraction of Iran is hydrotherapy which is very popular in medical tourism. According to official statistics 45 million people around the world use hydrotherapy. Iran has more than 1000 mineral water fountains and a very high potential to attract a high amount of these tourists.

Salt therapy: another branch of health tourism that has been noticed recently is cave therapy or salt therapy. Having multiple salt caves and salt domes Iran is a center of salt therapy in the world.

Traditional medicine: one of the other branches of health tourism is Iranian traditional medicine that has been recently noticed in Iran and Iranian universities are currently educating students in this field. Iranian medicine has existed way before Greece medicine and it was Iranian who taught their knowledge to the Greeks.

Wellness tourism: in this field of health tourism, the person is searching for inner peace and to separate him/herself from everyday tensions, therefore the person goes traveling without the supervision or interference of a doctor in order to recover the lost energy and get away from daily routines.







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